SEPTEMBER 12, 2020

  Portland, Oregon, United States   Puppet Offices

Post-Event Social: $6,000

Two sponsors may split this sponsorship. In case of a split, each sponsor get all benefits below in full unless otherwise noted.

  • Exclusive branding at event
  • 6 Tickets
    • 3 tickets per sponsor if two sponsors split
  • Table presence at the venue
  • Logo on site and conference materials
  • A thank you announcement in opening and closing presentations

Gold: $3,000 (Limit 3)

We are sold out of Gold sponsorship opportunities.

  • Your logo on banner at conference site, conference materials, and website
  • A mention in all conference-related announcements
  • A thank you announcement in opening and closing presentations
  • A 2 minute promotional spot during talk intermissions
  • 5 tickets (max 2 at table at any time)
  • Table presence at the venue

Silver: $1,000 (Limit 10)

  • Your logo on conference materials and website
  • A thank you in opening and closing presentations
  • 2 tickets (max 2 at a table at any time)
  • Shared table presence at the venue

Sponsorships (check one):

____ Post-Event Social $6,000

____ Gold Sponsor $3,000

____ Silver Sponsor $1,000

Total Sponsorship Amount: $_____________________________

Invoicing Details: Company Name:__________________________________________________

Contact Person:_________________________________________________


Email: _________________________________________________________

Company Address:________________________________________________

City____________________________ ST:____________________________

Zip:____________________________ Country:_______________________

Sponsorships are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Sponsor must be paid by credit card upon acceptance.

Signature:_________________ Signature:_________________

Date: _____________________ Date: _____________________

Printed Name ______________ Printed Name ______________

Sponsor ___________________ Organizer _________________

Please email the completed form to sponsors-portland@kubernetescommunitydays.org.