APRIL 8–9, 2021

  Amsterdam, The Netherlands   Westergasterras

Kubernetes Community Days is a community-organized, not-for-profit conference series for practitioners.

Sponsoring Kubernetes Community Days events gives your organization an opportunity to speak with practitioners, managers, and executives from companies of all sizes and industries. Whether your goals include recruiting new talent, opening new markets, or connecting with your existing customers, this event will be the place to have those conversations with experts and leaders in tech innovation.

Below is a list of available sponsorships. If interested in sponsoring, please get in touch via mail: organizers-amsterdam@kubernetescommunitydays.org. You can also fill this form .

Here’s the PDF version.

Kubernetes Community Days Amsterdam 2021 Sponsorship Opportunities (prices ex-VAT)

Sponsorship detailsPlatinumGoldSilverBronze
Number available2101010
Table size3m x 2m2.3m x 2m1m x 0.5mNo
Included tickets832
20% Ticket DiscountYesYesYesYes
Sponsored talk (10 min)YesYesNoNo
Recognition on websiteYesYesYesYes
Recognition in promotional emailsYesYesYesYes
Pre/Post marketing email pitchLogo + 100 wordsName + 50 wordsNoneNone
Logo on signageLargeMediumSmallSmall
Swags on shared tablesLimit 3Limit 2Limit 1Limit 1
Option on speaker’s dinnerYesLimit 2NoNo
Price (ex-VAT)Ask€8000€3500€1000
Sponsorship detailsCoffeeMediaBBQ/PartyLanyrd
Number available22210
Included tickets4444
20% Ticket Discount (cap 5)YesYesYesYes
Recognition on websiteYesYesYesYes
Recognition in promotional emailsYesYesYesYes
Logo on SignageMediumMediumMediumMedium
Swags on shared tablesLimit 2Limit 2Limit 2Limit 2
Price (ex-VAT)€8000€8000€5000€3500

* at the bbq/party

Platinum/Host: Contact us for pricing (Limit 2)

  • Sponsor the venue
  • Logo on event materials and website
  • Opportunity to do a pre/post event meetup promotion
  • 8 tickets
  • 3-minute “promo’ spot during talk intermissions
  • Prominent table presence at the venue, 2 screens included
  • Logo on site and conference materials

Gold: €8,000 (Limit 10)

  • 3 tickets
  • 10-minute “promo’ spot during talk intermissions (in a designated sponsor talk area)
  • Table presence at the venue (screen optional)
  • Logo on-site and conference materials

Silver: €3,500 (Limit 12)

  • 2 tickets
  • Shared table or a single half swag table (optional screen)
  • Logo on site and conference materials

Bronze: €1,000 (Limit 12)

  • 2 tickets
  • Logo on website
  • Leave stickers/flyers/etc in dedicated public space (optional depending on space)

Coffee: €8,000 (Limit 1)

  • 4 tickets
  • Logo on website
  • Branding on coffee cups and around the coffee booth
  • Giveaways on common areas

Media: €8,000 (Limit 2)

  • 4 tickets
  • Logo on website
  • Branding on all Youtube livestream (if possible) and all videos and watermark on pictures
  • Giveaways on common areas

Party+BBQ: €5,000 (Limit 2)

  • 4 tickets
  • Logo on website
  • Logo on party wristband
  • Special area on party venue (same as the keynote area)
  • Giveaways on common areas

Community Sponsor: (Limit 12)

This is for media outlets, local communities and other conferences that are interested in cross-promotion.

  • Logo on the website
  • Acknowledgement on social media.
  • Provide giveaways

Diversity Sponsor: (Limit 5)

Help foster diversity by providing grants to applications for speaking and attending

  • Logo on the website
  • Acknowledgement on social media.
  • Special place at the diversity table
  • Invite to speaker’s dinner
  • Provide giveaways

Sponsorship Add-ons (check as many as applicable):

  • Lanyard Sponsor €3,500 (Limit of 2)
  • Reception Sponsor €2,000 (Limit of 1)
  • Morning Snack Sponsorship €3,000 (Limit 2)
  • Afternoon Snack Sponsorship €3,000 (limit 2)
  • Screen €500
  • Speakers’ dinner €200 (limit 1 per sponsor)

Sponsor area layout

Sponsor area layout

We are open to different forms of collaboration! Get in touch.


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