APRIL 8–9, 2021

  Amsterdam, The Netherlands   Westergasterras

About the Location

There’s always something going on at Westergas, the buzzing creative complex at Westerpark. Once the city’s gasworks, this collection of former industrial buildings is now one of Amsterdam’s most exciting and vibrant creative hubs, and home to a variety of bars, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Cultural hub in Amsterdam West This complex of late 19th-century industrial buildings in Westerpark  was once the city’s gasworks, but after a complete redevelopment in 2003 it re-opened as a cultural complex, housing a selection of independent shops, galleries, trendy restaurants and interesting venues. The complex hosts a busy schedule of exhibitions, food markets, festivals and cultural events, so you’ll always find something new to discover. Read on to explore some of Westergas’s main restaurants, cafes and cultural venues or find out how to get to Westergas .

Local Transportation

Amsterdam has a fantastic public transportation system.

More information can be obtained by using the GVB  or 9292  websites. Both have excellent apps in the iOS ( GVB  & 9292 ) and Google Play ( GVB ) & 9292 ) store. Other apps (like Google Maps) have great integration as well.

A note to out of towners in in regards to obtaining a reloadable card for public transportation. You can purchase an “OV chipkaart” at Amsterdam Centraal and most large metro stations (including Schiphol). Note that the unattended machines do not handle non-EU issued (e.g. Chip+Signature) cards well. Some U.S. Credit Unions now offer Chip+Pin technology on their debit card (note: not credit card). If your card doesn’t work or want to use Euros (other than coins), there is a customer service center located on the “IJ side” of Amsterdam Centraal where you can purchase a chipkaart in person at the Service Office . If you’re arriving via Schiphol - a similar service is offered in the main train hall

Alternative methods of transportation


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