JANUARY 30, 2021

  San Salvador, El Salvador   San Salvador

Current speakers

Liza Escalante, WillDom - Talent Specialist

Human Resources professional with 15+ years of experience with personnel-related to Logistics, Automotive, Industry, and Technology. Graduated as Psychologist and Master in Human Resources Development. Currently performing as Tech Recruiter for WillDom El Salvador, which shares working opportunities with Bolivia, Argentina, and Paraguay for placing software developers in the US and Canada markets.

Juan Carlos Salvador, Everis - Lead Architect

Juan is a system engineer with 4 years of experience in technologies including Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless and has certifications in AWS Solutions Architect and Microsoft Azure. He’s passionate about learning and likes to promote a growth mindset with his teams. He always tries to use best practices in different tools and creates quality solutions for my team.

Raul Flamenco, Acopula Networks, Inc. - Founder

Raúl is a Salvadoran-American technology entrepreneur and founder of Acopula Networks in California - working on unlocking the economic value in the Americas by simplifying computer networking for businesses and integrating contributions from individuals and companies globally.

Eduar Tua, Cloudkite.io - Site Reliability Engineer

He aspires to be an important collaborator in software development, and the community ecosystem within the landscape of the CNCF. Eduar has helped clients to scale their applications using modern cloud tools, always maintaining the availability of services. He has also developed applications that run a layer on top of Kubernetes. He is a Go instructor and loves to share knowledge to the fullest.

Rael Garcia Arnes, Red Hat - Site Reliability Engineer

Rael is a Kubernetes contributor focused on documentation, usability, community and contributor experience. Founder in 2018 of the Cloud Native Barcelona community - cloudnative.barcelona - to encourage the adoption of cloud-native technologies and contribution to open-source projects. Currently works at Red Hat as Site Reliability Engineer. More at rael.io.

Leonardo Murillo, Qwinix, Inc | Cloud Native Architects, Inc - CTO | Founder

Leonardo Murillo is CTO at Qwinix Technologies, Founder of Cloud Native Architects, DevOps Institute Ambassador and Organizer of the Costa Rica CNCF Community Chapter. Leo brings wide-ranging industry perspective, with over 20 years of experience building technology and leading teams all the way from Startups to Fortune 500s. He is passionate about cloud native technologies, organizational transformation and the open source community. A believer in human potential and the transformative power of technology, Leo focuses on exploring leading edge technologies hands-on and pondering on technology strategy.

Don Clarke, NFV - Independent Telecoms Consultant

Don Clarke is an experienced international telecommunications consultant now based in the United States. In his previous role at CableLabs, he led the collaborative cable operator effort to develop an access network virtualization strategy for the global cable industry. Prior to moving to the US, Don enjoyed a varied career in R&D at BT Labs in the UK where he led fibre, DSL and network evolution R&D, and was technical lead on several of BT’s next generation access technical trials.

Sergio Méndez, Wizeline - Site Reliability Engineer

Sergio Méndez actualmente trabaja como SRE para la empresa Wizeline, ha realizado consultorías para empresas de telecomunicaciones sobre tecnologías Cloud Native y Open Source. Es organizador del Meetup (Cloud-Native)+GT oficial de CNCF(Linux Foundation). Profesor universitario. Conferencista de KubeConEU y OSCON. CKA certificado. Miembro del Linkerd Anchor Program.

Laís de Oliveira, On Deck Community Builders Fellowship - Program Director

An entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in community building, Laís de Oliveira has participated in the development of entrepreneurial communities around the world. From leading 2000 volunteers across Argentina, Chile and Uruguay as the president of a non-profit organization, to selecting and training community leaders across 3 continents (Latam, Africa, APAC) for Startup Grind and, finally, developing evidence-based ideas to accelerate economic growth through startup communities, working for governments and innovation agencies in 75+ ecosystems as part of Startup Genome’s executive team. Before joining Startup Genome, she sold her first business (8spaces.co) to Flyspaces.com, Southeast Asia’s largest marketplace for workspace and spaces for professional activities. Driven by building ecosystems to empower entrepreneurship and creativity, she built some of the fastest growing communities in Malaysia, working for the Malaysian government and also independently. Originally from a small town in Brazil, she lived in Mauritius, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Kuala Lumpur, San Francisco and Lisbon, travelled to over 35 countries and learned five languages (fluent Portuguese, English and Spanish, basic French and Indonesian). While home is wherever her laptop is, she is currently living in the countryside in Brazil and co-creating a digital, yet rural lifestyle with a group of friends around what they call a “roça-office” (translates to farm-office).

José Barahona, WALTLabs.io - Cloud Engineer

Jose currently works as a Cloud Engineer for Waltlabs company, Traefik embassador, member of Cloud native GT. He is passionate about open source and has contributed to projects like XCP-ng (xenserver open source spin off), k8s. He currently works around multi cloud deployments, CI / CD and IAC pipelines.

Niraj Tolia, Kasten - Cofounder, General Manager and President

Niraj Tolia is the General Manager and President of Kasten (acquired by Veeam), which he founded in order to solve the problem of Kubernetes backup and disaster recovery. He also sits on the governing board of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). With a strong technical background in distributed systems, storage, and data management, he has held multiple leadership roles in the past, including Senior Director of Engineering for Dell EMC’s CloudBoost group and VP of Engineering and Chief Architect at Maginatics (acquired by EMC). Dr. Tolia received his PhD, MS, and BS in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Oliver Gould, Buoyant, Inc. - Co-founder/CTO

Oliver is the creator of Linkerd and the CTO of Buoyant, where he leads open source development efforts. Prior to joining Buoyant, he was a staff infrastructure engineer at Twitter, where he was the technical lead of Observability, Traffic, and Configuration & Coordination teams.

Beatriz Martínez, Isovalent - Engineer manager

Beatriz Martínez works at Isovalent, the company behind the OSS project Cilium, as engineer manager. Beatriz’s focus over the last few years has been driving innovation and bringing latest technologies to enterprise-grade cloud environments. Beatriz is a regular speaker at events as well as an organizer of local meetups, such as CNCF Madrid.

Irina Calvo, Intel - DevOps Engineer

Irina is a DevOps Engineer and Agile Facilitator at Intel. She is passionate about helping teams and customers working with CNCF technologies achieve their goals and real-world value. Irina has worked in Cloud Automation, Dev, Scrum Master and DevOps roles. She is one of the organizers of the CNCF Costa Rica community and is currently starting her journey as an open-source contributor.

Ashar Rizqi, Blameless - Co-Founder

Ashar is co-founder of Blameless, a company whose mission is to build better software through SRE and enable every enterprise developer to gain SRE superpowers through a SaaS platform. Prior to Blameless, he held various leadership roles in cloud engineering at Box and Mulesoft. Ashar cares deeply about building resilient systems and advancing blameless culture.

Victor Morales, Samsung - Senior Cloud Software Engineer

Broader experience in High Level Programming Languages. Comfortable scripting deployments on Vagrant and Puppet frameworks. Proficient working with MS SQL Server and MySQL/MariaDB databases, as well as installation, configuration and troubleshooting of OpenStack environments. Experienced in Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipelines, as well as using Test-Driven Development practices and Open Source culture.


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