MARCH 16, 2021

  Washington, DC, United States   American Red Cross HQ


Kubernetes Community Days (KCD) is a community-driven, non-profit conference for practitioners. All sponsorship funds will be used to offset event-related expenses. In short, the more support we receive, the more our attendees and sponsors will benefit.

Why sponsor KCD?

KCD attracts IT practitioners and executives who have already implemented or are planning to implement Kubernetes within their organization. Whether you seek to recruit new talent, demo your product, or connect with existing customers, KCD provides the perfect platform to engage with the local Kubernetes community. You can find available sponsorships and add-ons below. If you are interested in supporting us, please get in touch via mail: sponsors-dc@kubernetescommunitydays.org.

BenefitsGoldSilverBronzeCommunity Sponsorship*
Sponsorships left561212
Included tickets421
Sponsored talk (1 min)1
Recognition on websiteyesyesyesyes
Swags on shared tableyesyesyesyes
Price$5,000$3,000$1,500No cost*

*This is for media outlets and other conferences that are interested in cross-promotion.

General Session Chair Drop$1,0002
Coffee Sponsor$1,0002
Lanyard Sponsor$1,0001
Reception Sponsor$4,0001
Morning Snack sponsorship$2,5002
Lunch sponsorship$5,0002
Afternoon snack sponsorship$2,5002
T-Shirt Sponsorship$4,000sold out


Initial sponsors