Once you have a time and place, you can announce your event to the world! It’s great if you’ve had a chance to open your CFS and registration, though those aren’t essential to announce your dates.

Role of the Marketing Team

  • Drive interest in the event
  • Drive ticket sales
  • Promote event content and speakers
  • Run social promotions, email promotions, blogs and ads
  • Highlight event diversity
  • Manage site content via this website


  • Who can help spread the word that the event is scheduled?
  • Reach out to local tech companies and consultants
  • Contact local tech publications and see if you can swap media sponsorship for ads in their publication or on their website
  • Reach out to local tech incubators and VCs to see if you can be included in newsletters, post flyers on event board, etc.
  • Local universities (if they have CS departments, for example)
  • Contact your local Meetups and ask them to promote your event
  • Contact Code academies to see if they will help you promote
  • Ask the Sponsor companies to email their contacts and invite them to attend

Online marketing

  • Promote your event in the Sponsors and Organizers corporate newsletters, websites, emails, etc
  • Promote sponsorship, speakers, CFS, on LinkedIn


  • Update your data file for your event to add your start & end dates; this adds your event to the map on the front page!


  • Set up an event-specific Twitter account such as @kubernetesdays(city initials)
  • Tag @kubernetesdays in your tweets
  • Send tweets to the KCD-organizers slack channel to be retweeted
  • Tweet with the hashtag #KubernetesCommunityDays
  • Following the initial, pinned post, one organic post per day should be shared to alert followers of the change + resources for Kubernetes Community Day events
  • Start following any/all dedicated #KubernetesCommunityDays Twitter accounts

Twitter Posting Style, Images, and Official Hashtag


  • The following style guide addresses how to craft social media posts:
  • Adhere to established CNCF voice + style:
  • Inclusive, Useful, Encouraging, Open, Informative, Personable
  • Do not use stereotypes
  • Respect the diversity of the community; be inclusive of all genders and races and sensitive to concepts such as meritocracy
  • Be sensitive to all genders and use gender-neutral language and terms when necessary (they, them, their)
  • Never engage in arguments or plug products → content should be vendor-neutral aside from sponsor mentions


  • Stand-alone, snackable graphics can be shared to increase visibility around events for greater registration or to feature speakers and/or sponsors needing promotion. These provide a visual way to communicate information that would otherwise account for a text-heavy post, including:
  • CFP and registration deadlines;
  • Speaker cards; and
  • Sponsor cards.
  • Professional images and/or those shared by the community can be posted during or after events to highlight the range of event features + promote community engagement.

Event Hashtag

  • To avoid fragmentation + establish brand awareness in the community, the official event hashtag to be used will be the same as the event handle: #KubernetesCommunityDays